Mantis X3 Dry Fire System: 3 Things that Affect Your Improvements

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Your improvement using the Mantis X Dry Fire Pistol System will depend on the following:

  1. The Time You Put Into Practice
  2. The Way You Practice
  3. The Way You Respond To Feedback

My shooting accuracy personally improved based on those three things. See my “before and after” below after practicing for just a week.

shows before and after

Here are the specifics:

1. The Time You Put Into Practice 

Get your reps in. Most of the time, a person who  does more reps will see more improvements than someone who does less. I personally clocked 74 sessions with 600 dry fire shots. See the screenshot on my app below: 

However, you’ll eventually hit a plateau. So, you’ll have to take the next one into consideration. 

2. The Way You Practice

There’s a learning hack that expedites your gains, and it’s called variation practice. Instead of practicing the same way over and over again, change it up. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Vary your distance 
  • Switch your position – kneeling, standing, sitting
  • Change your location – garage, backyard, in your car
  • Draw from multiple locations – holster, table, case

The cool thing I didn’t expect to see was a huge improvement with my drawing speed

It’s probably because I practiced it so many times that I can draw my gun faster from my holster.

 Changing things up helps a lot, but the last piece will even make you better. 

3. The Way You Respond To Feedback

The Mantis X app is like your own personal coach. When you shoot badly, it will tell you what you did wrong. It will also show you how to fix it. It’s tempting to not look at the feedback because you just want to keep shooting. But, you’ll be robbing yourself the opportunity to become a better shooter than you would have otherwise. 

Before You Buy (“Gotcha’s” and safety)

1. Make sure your firearm has the appropriate railing (otherwise, adapters are available)

Use the link below to see if your gun has a rail:

Does My Gun Have a Rail?

My M&P Shield didn’t have it. Good thing they sell adapters so using the MantisX with a Dry Fire Mag made it possible.

2. Go to the range to establish a baseline 

You won’t know how much you’ll improve unless you take measurements. So go to the range on day 1 and shoot a couple of targets. You’ll be glad you did. 

3. Dedicate one gun for dry firing

This adds a layer of protection to you and everyone else. If you’ll be practicing a lot, the odds of discharging your gun goes up. You might forget to empty the chamber. You might not pay attention. Etc. 

For example, there were times when I practiced as soon as I woke up. I was groggy and the risk of discharging was high. So, I kept the magazine and chamber empty for a week. 

Safety first.

Purchase the Mantis X3*

*I get a small commission if you use the link above to purchase a unit. I appreciate your support.

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