77 Hurdles You’ll Face in College

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From the embarrassing to dire, these are the obstacles you’ll have to face in college. 

Think of them as intel to prepare you for your journey. Be aware of all of them so you’ll be less surprised when you face them. 

Here they are: 

  1. Sleepless nights
  2. Expensive books
  3. Lust for a professor
  4. Lust for a teacher’s assistant (TA) 
  5. Expensive class equipment 
  6. Loud neighbors
  7. Holding a fart in class
  8. Difficult projects 
  9. Unclear instructions on projects
  10. Lazy teammates
  11. Messy roommates 
  12. Arrogant classmates
  13. Narcissists
  14. Drama king/queen
  15. Promiscuous people 
  16. Thieves 
  17. People who give false hope
  18. Being led on 
  19. Breakups 
  20. Can’t find friends 
  21. Can’t avoid friends
  22. Teammates who DON’T communicate
  23. Teammates who MIScommunicate
  24. Friends who ask too many favors
  25. Manipulative boyfriend/girlfriend 
  26. Flakes
  27. Drunks
  28. Druggies
  29. Lack of privacy 
  30. Living on ramen 
  31. Not finding love 
  32. Turning down someone
  33. Temptations to cheat 
  34. Getting caught watching porn
  35. Getting caught having sex 
  36. Homesickness
  37. Anxiety 
  38. Loneliness
  39. Depression
  40. Bullying
  41. Self-doubt
  42. Your major isn’t what you expected it to be 
  43. No money for fun 
  44. Too many emails 
  45. No time for rest 
  46. Your belief clashes against others’
  47. Car break downs 
  48. Getting lost 
  49. Getting pregnant
  50. Getting someone pregnant
  51. Breaking a bone or two
  52. Need to drop out 
  53. Getting kicked out 
  54. Need to transfer 
  55. Comparing yourself to others 
  56. Getting sick during exams/projects/homework, etc.
  57. Uncaring professors – they’re focused on their research
  58. Professors who just can’t teach
  59. Computer crashes 
  60. Backups missing 
  61. Bugs in the apartment
  62. AC/Heater breaking 
  63. Bad property managers
  64. Email phishing scams 
  65. Getting addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. 
  66. Hazing 
  67. Getting caught cheating (if you cheat, so don’t cheat) 
  68. Getting distracted by Facebook, IG, tiktok, YouTube, etc. 
  69. Sexual harassment 
  70. A friend passing away 
  71. Betrayals
  72. Getting scammed
  73. Getting blackmailed
  74. Losing a scholarship
  75. Gaining weight 
  76. Not getting an internship
  77. Pressure to get good grades

Don’t let this list scare you. Why? Because thousands of wonderful things you’ll encounter will dwarf those challenges. 

Good luck and have fun. 


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