Best Tools for Youtubers Who Also Blog

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I make YouTube videos but I also blog. So, having the right tools makes work easier and saves a lot of time. 

Disclaimer: I get commission off of some of the links below, so I appreciate your support if you do decide to buy through them. 

1. for planning and organizing

I tend to come up with a bunch of ideas. I also have a habit of doing multiple projects at the same time. So, allows me to stay organized so I can stay on track of my projects. 

It has a little bit of a learning curve so go through the tutorials if you decide to use it. It’s worth the time investment. 

2. Google Docs for Writing

I don’t directly write my articles on wordpress. It starts on a blank google docs page. It also goes the same with my scripts for my YouTube videos. 

3. Premiere Pro for Video Editing

I’ve been an Adobe Premiere Pro since college. I use DaVinci resolve every once in a while, but premiere is my bread and butter. 

There’s also a lot of tutorials available so this is a good choice for new editors. 

4. Photoshop for Photo Editing

My first job out of college involved using photoshop. I got comfortable using it like it’s second nature. 

I mostly use it for making thumbnails, editing logos, and resizing images. But, if someone asks me to do photography, Photoshop is my editing software of choice for touch-ups. 

5. Ahrefs for Keyword Research

Keyword research is like having the ability to see a target before you shoot. There is no guarantee you’ll hit it, but it beats shooting an arrow on an object you can’t see. 

With Ahrefs , I get to see the following: 

  1. Search volume 
  2. Keyword difficulty
  3. Competitors 

Those numbers help me decide whether I should write an article or not. 

6. VidIQ For YouTube Keyword Research

This is similar to Semrush but for YouTube. Tubebuddy, their competitor, is also a YouTube Keyword research tool I used in the past. 

The reason why I use VidIQ is because I get to see the search volume for a query. 

7. Soundstripe for Music

Finally, I use soundstripe for royalty-free music. YouTube has a free mp3 library, but they tend to be low quality. So, I pay a $20/month subscription on Soundstripe to get better music. 

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