I like dabbling with all kinds of stuff, and I needed a way to track the things (at least the important ones) that I tinker with. Hence, this site. Feel free to look around and give me some feedback. A simple “Hi” would be awesome as well. Enjoy your stay. 

I found writing to be difficult so I decided to work on it. This link will send you to a compilation of my writings. Most of the topics I write about are about Learning How to Learn because it fascinates me a lot. Happy reading. 


This is my weekend business. Let me know if you need a video made for you or your company. I’m also a full-time digital marketer so I  can help you with your marketing needs if you need it.



This was my first attempt at making an online business. It failed but I learned a lot. I do still cringe whenever I go to courses’ landing page because I feel like I’m being pretentious in it. But, I’ll still put it out there for the world to see. 



I’m one of the trainers at CrossFit Endemic in Fountain CO. I also helped launch our Para Bellum Athlete Program, which is a workout program for those who can’t train with us locally. This is an important endeavor to me because it has changed my life for the better. 

CrossFit Endemic | Para Bellum Athlete


I started dabbling with forecasting after reading the book Superforecasters. This undertaking also lead me to start doing experiments ala Tim Ferriss style. These practices go hand in hand because I get to exercise in the following areas: coming up with hypotheses, questioning assumptions and beliefs, research, testing, and probability and statistics, and more. 

The page isn’t done yet so stay tuned. 


I’m making a course on how to make videos. I’m stripping away most of the technical details to make it easier for anyone to learn. The course includes what gear to buy, how to make yourself look authoritative (or humble), how to tell compelling stories, and more. 

If you’re interested in this, sign up below: